"The Holy Matrix"

God has a "parallel universe" waiting for you. To enter, you only have to 1) get
His permission for everything you do and 2) love everyone with all your heart,
even those who treat you badly.

This is difficult but in "God's universe" there is no fear, fight or failure. All that
happens to you is by His hand not yours and any fear or failure is on Him, not you.
At first, you will fall out of "God's universe" often, but He always welcomes you
back and each time you come back you will be able to stay a little longer until
"God's universe" becomes pretty much "your universe" too.

God's universe is full of peace and happiness. But as you will notice many people,
even some Christians, are not in God's universe as the actions of other people
upset them and they strike back instead of "meeting adversity with love." Only
people in God's universe can resist temptation.

Staying in "The Holy Matrix" constantly is impossible as to do so would be
meeting God's ultimate plan for us and we would be as pure as His Son. Luckily
God knows we will fall out of The Matrix often and He always welcomes us back,
with no penalty.

When you are in the Matrix you know the friends who are in there with you. They
are the ones who you know follows God's teachings never speak ill of anyone.
You also know the friends who not in The Matrix and hopefully will enter
someday. A joy is to meet someone new who by their actions and speech are
probably in The Matrix with you.

Talk to God every morning and evening. Thank Him for His blessings and
apologize for your shortcomings. Ask Him for His guidance and blessings on
things to come. You will not hear His voice but his message will always be very
clear. Many times you will not like His message but He is always right. And you
will be surprised how many little blessings you receive each day and how many
times He rescues you from “striking back” and falling out of "The Holy Matrix."

ref: Matthew 5:38-48 NKJV

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