"He offers a world without fear, fight or failure."

We all are familiar with the physical power and ability of football's Tom Brady and
the fame and influence of Donald Trump.

But even the meekest and weakest of us have the same spiritual power of both Mr.
Brady and Mr. Trump. God treats us and values us all the same and He uses the
spiritual power in each of us to reign over His kingdom.

He teaches us to put Him first before ALL things in our life and to love ALL others
as ourselves, even those who treat us badly.

All that happens to us is by His hand. He controls all things so we have nothing to
fear. All we need to do is follow His teachings and do our best.

In any fight the winner wins then regrets and the loser loses and regrets. God
teaches us to avoid all fights by suffering each attack with love as He suffered
death on the cross for our sins.

If we follow His teachings and do our best then any failure is by His will, not by

If we just follow His teachings we will have the world He promises us, one of
peace and happiness --- and we will become a 'Son of God.'

Source Matthew 5:38-48 NKJV

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