"My name is Jesus ... Lord ... God"
The Bible tells us in John 10:25-30 New King James Version (NKJV)
25 Jesus answered them, "....30 I and My Father are one."
I met an unbeliever and asked him:
Do you believe in luck, both good and bad?
Do you believe in fate.....what will be will be?
Beauty fades with time but love never fades and lasts forever.
All you see right now will ultimately return to dust but what you cannot see will last forever?
Can you deny that the "spiritual world" exists?
Can you dispute the power of the human mind?
Have you ever heard the phrase "mind over matter."
From Star Wars "..Let go, Luke. Use the Force..."
The Human spirit is a very powerful force.... second only to the power of our Lord.
In one's mind they cannot be defeated and can never fail.
Only you, in your own mind, can allow yourself to be hurt or defeated.
You can conquer one's world and one's strength but never one's mind.
Your spiritual power is equal to and not exceeded by anyone's in the whole world.
God's world is spiritual and lives in each of us.
The name of this ultimate power that resides in each of us is ...  God ... or Jesus."
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