"He is with me everyday and often."
He is with me everyday and often.
Every time I go to get upset or mad He stops me.
I quickly thank him for keeping me from making a bad situation worse.
He's there when I could make a comeback comment to my wife that shouldn't be said
He's there when I get in slow traffic and I begin to start fussing about.
He always reminds me that I'm not in control and can't always make things better.
He reminds me that Christians from time to time must suffer.
Sometimes during the day I meet disappointment and He reminds me to control my emotions and look
to Him for comfort.
His comfort is most wonderful when I hear of horrible things done by governments and people around
the world and in my own country.
He reminds me getting mad always hurts the person who gets mad the most.
He reminds me that you cannot always make something better but you can always make it worse.
When someone ask a favor and interrupts my schedule, He reminds me that fortunate is the Christian
who can be of aid to someone in need. He reminds me that Jesus was a servant and that Jesus
wants us all to be servants to others.
At my evening prayers I always thank Him for the many times during the day that He stopped me from
getting mad and only hurting myself and sometimes that I could have hurt others.
I always remember to thank him for being with me every moment of the day.
It is amazing how many people do not really know the Lord and spend their day getting mad and angry
about so many things that they cannot change and many of which are really not that important.
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