"Being Born Again provides Heaven on earth"
Saved by the spirit comes after saved by the water.
The act of putting God before all else.
Giving your whole life over to Him.
Your daily life becomes a Heaven of peace and happiness.
No longer do you get into arguments.
No longer do you put people down or criticize.
No longer do you hurt someone else's feelings.
No longer do you face your troubles alone.
With every problem God always opens a window.
You take time to help others when they are in need.
Helping others always makes you feel good and is rewarding.
Thus your free time is truly free.
You are not afraid of any challenge as you know whatever happens is God's will.
Your only job is to put Him first and to love and serve others.
Your luck seems to change -- you have more good luck than bad.
You stop getting mad at things you cannot change.
At last, the actions, words and views of other people do not upset you as much.
You find it easier to put up with a bad situation or bad luck.
Because you realize you are never alone.
You find it easier to talk to the Father - both morning and night.
Your new life seems so out of place and abnormal -- in man's world.
But in God's world it is golden and it works.
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